Supporting Flinders Island

A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will invest $1.81 million in a Flinders Island Package that builds on previous support. The Safe Harbour Project is vital for maritime safety and the Flinders Island Council has already applied for a grant under the Building Better Regions Program and we will work with Tasports to provide $900,000 towards this project. Marine infrastructure at Lady Barron, Trousers Point, Whitemark, Killiecranke and Port Davies have all been identified as increasing options for commercial and recreational mariners to support tourism and the local community. We want to ensure every Tasmanian student gets ahead in life which is why a Hodgman majority Liberal Government has committed $30 million to extend all Tasmanian high school to Year 12 by 2022. ``Flinders Island District is one of those schools and we will also invest $50,000 to improve playground and recreational facilities at the school,’’ Sarah Courtney, Liberal MHA for Bass said. We will also support health professionals on the island by investing $500,000 to provide better accommodation. This will also free-up the current house used by the GP for use by nursing, medical and other allied health professionals. ``The visitor economy on Flinders is extremely important and we will provide $25,000 to upgrade the Furneaux Museum and $10,000 to develop the Furneaux Islands Geo Trail,’’ Michael Ferguson, Liberal MHA for Bass said. A re-elected majority Liberal Government will also invest a further $225,000 over 4 years to boost bio-security. An additional biosecurity officer will support landowners to tackle weeds, pests and other issues affecting agricultural production. ``To encourage good health and social interaction we will invest $100,000 in the Flinders Island Sports and RSL Club at Whitemark which will improve existing facilities and develop new tennis courts,’’ Peter Gutwein, Liberal MHA for Bass said. The Hodgman Liberal Government has been working closely with the Flinders Island Council to identify many projects of need like the Flinders and Cape Barron Islands Telecommunications Upgrade which will be completed later this year, affordable housing, better transport, growing tourism and creating jobs and we look forward to continuing that partnership in our next term of government. More information from

Bacon must reveal Labor's budget bottom line at CEDA event

The heat will be on Labor's finance spokesperson, Scott Bacon, to reveal Labor's budget bottom line at today's CEDA event.

What is Bill Shorten's position on pokies?

The splits within the Labor Party on Rebecca White's controversial pokies policy are getting bigger by the day.

Labor must match Liberal Tamar River funding

There is absolutely no question that more needs to be done to clean up the Tamar.

Labor spend-a-thon on new Bureaucrats

Analysis of Labor’s policy commitments less than 3 weeks into the campaign shows that Tasmania will be drowning in bureaucracy under a Labor Government.

Record job numbers under Hodgman Government, unemployment rate equal second-lowest of all states

Today's ABS figures confirm that under the Hodgman Government 10,900 have been created, employment is the highest it has ever been in Tasmania and the unemployment rate is the lowest in six and a half years.

Heat on Bacon to justify Labor's massive deficit

I'm looking forward to debating Scott Bacon on the 26th of February about the State's finances.

More chaos and confusion over Labor’s health policy

Labor’s farcical health policy hit a new low with Braddon MP Shane Broad amazingly admitting on radio that Labor don’t know how they will fund years four, five and six.

New $20 million school for Legana

A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will build a new state-of-the-art $20 million primary school at Legana. ``Legana has been identified in the top 10 areas in Tasmania with the largest and fastest population growth and a majority Liberal Government recognises the need for a new Kindergarten to Grade 6 primary school,’’ Liberal MHA for Bass Michael Ferguson said. ``The population of Legana is expected to grow significantly over the next decade with the current age profile indicating many young families will require access to new education facilities.’’ Bass Liberal MHA Peter Gutwein said that the need for a school has been identified as a top priority by community groups and the West Tamar Council and has the full support of the Hodgman Liberal Team. ``The new school will cater for more than 350 students and the build would start within the next term of a Hodgman Liberal Government,’’ Mr Gutwein said. ``At the moment students from Legana have to travel north to Exeter or south to Riverside which contributes to congestion on the West Tamar Highway,’’ Liberal MHA for Bass Sarah Courtney said. ``A new K-6 school at Legana would also alleviate congestion at these schools as they near capacity and accommodate the projected increase in student numbers from Legana,’’ Ms Courtney said. In the first term of the Hodgman Liberal Government we committed a record invest of $110 million to upgrade government school – by contrast Labor and the Greens abandoned education and tried to close 20 schools.

Labor back in bed with the Greens

Labor's opposition to the Mount Wellington Cable Car confirms they are well and truly back in bed with the Greens.

Liberals submit 23 policies to Treasury for costing - how many has Labor submitted?

Managing the budget is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of any good government.

Massive leak exposes union campaign

In an unprecedented leak, the entire Unions Tasmania campaign plan has been released.

Spendometer update confirms the budget would be a basket-case under Labor

The latest spendometer update shows that Labor would take the State budget back into deficit at record speed.

White re-writes health policy on the run

In a defining moment for the campaign Labor leader Rebecca White has panicked and attempted to re-write her major health policy on the run, resulting in spectacular contradictions between her statements to media today and the details in her health policy document.

Liberals submit policies for costing by Treasury, will Labor do the same?

Last Friday, the Liberals submitted 14 policies for costing by Treasury.

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