Levelling the playing field - a fairer deal for Tasmanians

A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will take action to level the housing affordability playing field by introducing a tax on foreign purchases of land and residential property.

Spendometer update - Day 12

Labor has redlined the spendometer after just 12 days on the campaign trail.

Trade training to receive a major boost

A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will help address the increasing demand for skilled workers across a number of sectors - including water and sewerage - by investing $7 million to establish a Trades and Water Centre of Excellence.

Victoria and Queensland Labor rubbish White's pokies policy

Rebecca White is running out of friends when it comes to her pokies policy.

$142.66m Northern Roads Package

A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver more than $142.66 million in road improvements for the State's North that will improve safety and travel times.

Labor blows up the spendometer within the first week

Labor Leader Rebecca White's refusal yesterday to guarantee that Labor will keep the budget in surplus confirms that Labor simply can't deliver on their promises.

Households, Councils beneficiaries of sweetened TasWater Plan

Both Tasmanian households and Councils will benefit from the Government's sweetened TasWater takeover plan, which I am releasing today.

Eslake reveals tax hikes needed to pay for Labor's spending

Respected economist, Saul Eslake has revealed that Labor will need to raise taxes to pay for their spending.

Spendometer update - Day 7

After seven days on the campaign trail, Labor's spendometer is bleeding red ink, just like last time they were in Government.

Where is the money coming from? - More magic pudding economics from White on health

Labor leader Rebecca White is clearly clueless when it comes to managing a Budget and has been caught out at her CEDA speech yesterday.

White gaffe reveals she's financially illiterate - can't be trusted with the budget

In a startling interview on LAFM* this morning, Ms White all but confirmed she's effectively financially illiterate and can't be trusted with the budget.

Labor blows the budget in just three days

Tasmanians know they can't trust Labor with money.

Does Labor support payroll tax relief to support jobs and small businesses?

Labor's failure to support the Government's plans to reduce the impact of payroll tax show that Labor is all about higher taxes on Tasmanians.

White must outline plan for jobs and economic growth

Tomorrow, at her CEDA address, the leader of the opposition must outline her plan for jobs and economic growth.

Local businesses to be the big winners of payroll tax cuts

Tasmanian businesses will benefit from a re-elected majority Liberal Government’s plan to cut payroll tax.

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