Rate Relief for Tasmanians in Need

The Liberal Government is getting on with the job of fixing Tasmania's budget while ensuring the vulnerable are protected.

Positive Signs for Tasmanian Jobs

The latest ABS figures show positive signs for jobs under the Liberal Government.

Public Sector Jobs

Labor needs to be upfront with Tasmanians and take responsibility for the budget mess they have left behind.

Labor's FTEs Cover-Up

The Liberal Government is committed to fixing the budget mess left by Labor and the Greens.

Rebuilding the Budget

The Liberal Government is committed to rebuilding the budget day by day, dollar by dollar.

Labor's Skeletons make Budget Task more Difficult

The Liberal Government is getting on with the job of delivering on our Plan for jobs and growth which was endorsed by the Tasmanian people at the state election.

Tasmanian Planning Reform Taskforce

A single state-wide planning scheme is a key component of the Liberal Government's long term Plan to make Tasmania more attractive for investment and to create jobs.

Liberal Government backs Local Businesses to Create Jobs

The Liberal Government is backing Tasmanian businesses

Freeze on Board Fees

The Liberal Government's commitment to fixing the budget mess will be supported by a freeze on board fees.

Jobs Increase Shows Renewed Confidence in Tasmania

Our number one priority is jobs and it's encouraging that in the first month of the Liberal Government 1,100 additional jobs were created. It's also a positive sign that the participation rate is rising, because increasing participation means people are more confident that there are jobs. While monthly figures can be volatile and caution is necessary, these early results are a welcome sign confidence is returning.

Labor's Memory Lapse on 1000 FTEs

Before the election, Labor and the Greens brought down a budget that included reducing the size of the bureaucracy by a further 1,000 FTEs, but now they are pretending they know nothing about it.

Labor's Budget Cuts

Opposition Leader Bryan Green must own up to cuts the former Government left behind in the state budget.

Tasmanian Ambulance Service Award Challenge

The State Government will challenge the recent 14.1 per cent wage increase awarded to paramedics by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission

Labor and the Greens must own up to Job Cuts

There has been some misreporting about the 1,000 FTE reduction referred to in yesterday's Budget Risks Report.

Returning the Budget to a Sustainable Position

Today I released the Budget Update and Risk Report, and the March Quarterly Report.

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