Another 300 jobs go Labor and the Greens

Another 300 jobs disappeared in Tasmania during December.

What’s worse, the participation rate has collapsed to a near 10 year low.  The unemployment rate is going down because people are giving up looking for work, if Ms Giddings somehow claims that’s good news then it shows just how out of touch she is.

In fact, if Tasmania’s participation rate was at the national level our unemployment rate would actually be over 15 per cent.

Creating jobs will be the number one priority of a majority Liberal Government.

A majority Liberal Government will set a target of reducing Tasmania’s unemployment rate to at least the national average, within our first term of Government.

Only a majority Liberal Government will provide the certainty and stability Tasmania needs to create jobs.

The Liberals’ long-term Plan for Tasmania is focussed on job-creation. We will:

  • Make it cheaper and easier to run a business by cutting red and Green tape by 20 per cent;
  • Build a modern economy supported by our competitive strengths, including Agriculture and Aquaculture, Forestry, Mining, Tourism and Energy;
  • Protect Tasmanian jobs and businesses from illegal protestors;
  • Restore an international shipping service from Tasmania to key Asian ports;
  • Say “yes” to development, rather than “no”;
  • Back Tasmanian business, with a Local Benefits Test, Think Local First Campaign, New Market Expansion Program and a pilot Mentoring, Training and Support program;
  • Aggressively focus the State Service on job creation, with a Department of State Growth and high-powered Office of the Coordinator General based in Launceston, to pursue investment to create Tasmanian jobs and get things done;
  • Invest an additional $16 million in tourism marketing, to help achieve our goal of 1.5 million visitors by 2020, and create 8,000 new jobs;
  • Create a single state-wide planning scheme, which is faster, cheaper, simpler and fairer;
  • Waive water and sewerage developer charges for all new developments, including subdivisions, for a period of two years;
  • Disaggregate large government contracts into smaller, more manageable tenders to encourage smaller Tasmanian businesses to tender for government work; and
  • Creating a job-ready generation by extending high schools to year 12, employing up to 105 new teachers, and making available up to one week of extra paid hours for teacher assistants and support staff.

Many more policies aimed at creating jobs will be announced between now and the state election in March.

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