Delivering on our Plan to combat Hobart’s traffic congestion

At the election the Hodgman Liberal Government won a clear mandate for our Plan to combat Hobart’s traffic congestion and we are getting on with the job of delivering it.

As part of our 100 Day Plan, the Government has today informed the Hobart City Council it will use its legislative power to take over management of Davey and Macquarie Streets to improve traffic flow through the CBD.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will also invest $16 million in improvements, including the creation of clearways, bus priority lanes and other practical measures to cut travel times.

The Government will enter into discussions with Council to reach agreement regarding parking compliance, parking revenue distribution and division of maintenance responsibility.

Taking over control of Macquarie and Davey streets is a key part of our plan to fix Hobart’s traffic congestion problem.

We have listened to the concerns of commuters, done the homework and are now acting to preserve the liveability of Australia’s most beautiful capital city.

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