Hodgman Government’s long-term Plan delivering as economic growth ramps up

The Hodgman Government’s long-term Plan is all about growing the economy and creating jobs.

Today’s ABS release shows that our Plan is working and the economy grew by 2.5 per cent in the 12 months to March this year, well above the national average.

Business investment is driving economic growth and the budget we released two weeks ago is all about supporting businesses to expand and build on that momentum.  When businesses are investing in new equipment and new buildings it means they are expanding and looking for new opportunities and new employees.

This is another sign that the Tasmanian economy has turned the corner.

The facts speak for themselves: under the Hodgman Government 6,400 jobs have been created, the unemployment rate is the second lowest of any state, the economy is growing faster than the national average and businesses are confident and looking to expand.  Under Labor and the Greens the unemployment rate spiked at 8.6 per cent, the economy plunged into recession, business confidence crashed and was the lowest in the nation and Tasmanians left in their thousands to find opportunities on the mainland.

The Hodgman Government is determined to build Tasmania’s future and today’s figures show that our Plan is working.

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