Labor and the Greens buying out more forestry jobs, shutting more forestry businesses

Not satisfied with cutting the forestry industry off at the knees, bleeding hundreds of rural jobs, hurting regional communities and forcing Tasmanians to move interstate to find work, Labor and the Greens have embarked on the next wave of attacks on forest workers.

It was revealed in Legislative Council question time today that At least 12 sawmills will be bough-out  by the Government and shut down as a result of the job-destroying forest deal.

It shows how far Labor have sold out to the Greens that they are willingly using taxpayers’ money to pay businesses to close and force more Tasmanians onto the unemployment scrapheap.  

What kind of a Government uses taxpayers’ money to buy businesses and close them down? 

How many jobs will go and when will the job losses begin? The Minister must explain how many Tasmanians will be out of work once again as a result of Labor’s deal with the Greens.

In contrast, a majority Hodgman Government will work with businesses to keep them open, and we will grow the forestry industry to create jobs.

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