Labor must come clean on gaming

15 September 2017 

Labor Leader Rebecca White must come clean on Labor’s position on gaming.

Last night it was reported that Labor held an emergency caucus meeting to decide their gaming policy, following a week of pressure over their failure to articulate a clear position.

This emergency meeting came despite the Opposition Leader stating as late as lunch-time yesterday that Labor wouldn’t finalise their gaming policy until after the Parliamentary Inquiry reports, creating uncertainty which will negatively impact on confidence in the sector and lead to investment being halted and jobs being lost.

Earlier this week, we revealed that Labor is openly contemplating buying out pokies from pubs and clubs, putting their viability at risk and costing jobs in regional Tasmania.

And yesterday, the THA said it would campaign against Labor if they took that policy position.

It’s clear that Labor and their inexperienced leader Ms White are panicked and unable to deal with the pressure of the heat we have applied this week.

The façade is cracking, and the policy vacuum behind Ms White is showing a party simply not ready to govern.

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