Labor’s underwhelming, unfunded wish list reveals a massive almost $300 million black hole

Labor’s economic directions statement is an underwhelming, unfunded wish list that clearly has the fingerprints of an inexperienced leader and a lazy wannabe Treasurer.

Even on Labor’s figures they are intending to spend twice as much as they save, which means they would trash Tasmania’s finances once again.

However, Labor’s statement also reveals a massive almost $300 million black hole.

At least three major policy initiatives have been left unfunded.

  • Last year, Labor committed to employ an additional 160 teachers1, a commitment that is still on their website but is unfunded in their economic statement and would cost $64 million.
  • On 2 June 2015, Rebecca White told Parliament “We need to see an increase of at least five nurses per ward”2, which would cost $120 million.
  • Labor has made it clear it doesn’t intend to support the Government’s plan to cut subsidies to Forestry Tasmania.  They will vote against our legislation in the Legislative Council that will enable Forestry Tasmania to stand on its own two feet and therefore, they will either standby and watch FT collapse, or they will have to inject $100 million into the business from the Consolidated Fund3.

These three policies alone reveal a nearly $300 million black hole and don’t include a number of other announcements that they’ve made that aren’t funded in the economic directions statement.

Labor’s flimsy, so-called surpluses have already vanished less than three hours since their statement was released and a massive $300 million black hole has emerged instead.

What this confirms is that you simply can’t trust Labor with money.




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