Last chance for Labor on budget credibility

With Labor making hundreds of millions of dollars of accounting errors already about our budget, the pressure is squarely on the inexperienced Ms White in tomorrow’s budget reply.

In order to demonstrate any sort of credibility, her budget reply must include:

  • A full operating statement, including how Labor will pay for each and every one of the $580 million of promises they’ve racked up so far;
  • A detailed plan to address the so-called “jobs crisis” Labor claims exists;
  • A detailed plan for hospitals – Ms White has talked a lot about the so-called “crisis” at the Royal, but all she’s announced in response is a new $20 million bureaucracy;
  • Demonstrated surpluses across the forward estimates; and
  • A commitment to no new or increases taxes.

Tasmanians are right to be concerned that Labor simply isn’t up to the job, especially given the massive blunders Labor has made over the past few days since the Budget was handed down.

If Labor can’t even understand our budget, how on earth can they be trusted to develop an alternative?

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