Legislation delay shows pulp mill all about self-interest for Labor

The Liberals have consistently been the strongest supporters of the pulp mill project in Tasmania.

The fact that the Premier has deliberately delayed legislation to removed doubts surrounding the legislation shows that for Labor, the pulp mill is about their own jobs, not the jobs of Tasmanians.

Yesterday it was revealed that KordaMentha asked the Premier to remove doubts surrounding the mill in September last year, and that legislation be introduced in the November 2013 sitting of Parliament.

KordaMentha even went so far as to say that this timing was “critical to the sale strategy.”

How can Ms Giddings possibly claim she is doing everything she can to make sure the mill is built if she is prepared to ignore KordaMentha’s pleas for months?  Ms Giddings sat idle while KordaMentha was asking her to act.

The fact is, Labor are using the pulp mill as a political plaything for their own personal gain.

Tasmanians know, if Labor gets back into power after the election, it will be with the help of the Greens, and the pulp mill never be delivered.

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