Ling Siding investment prospectus to drive investment in North-East Tasmania

The Hodgman Government is committed to creating jobs and economic opportunities in right around Tasmania.

As part of our Plan, we have released the Ling Siding Industrial Hub investment prospectus to attract new investment and developments, drive the revitalisation of the site and create jobs in the North-East.

The Ling Siding Industrial Hub prospectus highlights the benefits and opportunities that the hub and North-East Tasmania present and will be key in driving investment at the site.

The Ling Siding site has a huge range of benefits including access to a skilled and ready workforce, infrastructure, and easy access to highway links and the major deep-water port at Bell Bay.

Benefiting from the region’s significant timber resources the site is designated as an ‘integrated timber hub’ providing wood processing and timber related businesses an ideal site to establish, relocate or expand. 

Building on the work already underway by Dorset Renewable Industries, the prospectus highlights the hub as an ideal location for the production of new and innovative uses for timber products such as engineered timber, bio-energy, and bio-fuels.

This prospectus is key in promoting the opportunities associated with investing in Tasmania and establishing business at the hub. It will help position the location to attract future investment and is another example of the great work undertaken by the Office of the Coordinator-General.

The Ling Siding Industrial Hub prospectus is a collaboration between the Office of the Coordinator-General and Dorset Renewable Industries as well as other key stakeholders including Dorset Council, Forestry Tasmania, Private Forests Tasmania, TasNetworks and TasPorts.

A copy of the prospectus can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Coordinator-General on (03) 6777 2786 or email

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