More jobs gone under Giddings than any other Premier in the last 30 years

When it comes to jobs, Lara Giddings is the worst Premier Tasmania has had in the last 30 years (see attached).

Under Premier Giddings around 10,000 full time jobs have disappeared.  That’s more jobs gone than under any other Premier over the last 30 years and it’s nearly double the number of full time jobs lost during the disastrous Labor-Green accord led by Michael Field between 1989 and 1992.

What this also graphically demonstrates is that minority government is bad for jobs, bad for the economy and bad for Tasmania.

Premier Giddings shouldn’t be surprised, after all she predicted this would happen when she said a few years ago that “If the Greens gain the balance of power, businesses will lose the confidence in invest in our state and as a result, Tasmanians will start losing their jobs.”

We don’t need a jobs summit, we need an election and a stable, majority Hodgman Liberal Government.  Our plan for a brighter future will create jobs and grow the economy.



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