More jobs lost, unemployment queue getting longer by the day

The unemployment figures released today are shameful.

In September, another 200 people lost full time jobs and the unemployment queues are now the longest they’ve been since 1999.

The number of jobs in Tasmania has fallen every month for nearly a year.  When the jobs decline started late last year, the Premier had the gall to say that unemployment had “stabilised”*.  That was when the unemployment rate was 6.8 per cent.  It’s nearly two per cent higher since she made that infamous comment. 

Since Lara Giddings became Premier, nearly 11,000 full time jobs have disappeared.

The fact is, this toxic Labor-Green minority experiment is killing jobs, hurting business, driving away investment and forcing Tasmanians to leave the State in droves.

In contrast, the Liberals have a plan to:

  • Provide strong and stable majority government;
  • Build a modern economy to create jobs;
  • Cut red and Green tape to encourage investment;
  • Fix the budget; and
  • Rebuild essential services.

 * p.4, The Mercury, 7 December, 2012

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