Scott Bacon’s latest train wreck interview reveals Labor will give the unions a blank cheque

Day after day, the inexperienced Labor team’s budget reply continues to unravel.

Scott Bacon’s train wreck interview with Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks this morning* has confirmed that, if elected, Labor will give the unions a blank cheque when it comes to wage negotiations.

Brian Carlton: “If they (the unions) go for more than two per cent, you’re in trouble.”

Scott Bacon: “Yeah, that’s right.  Effectively what this means is that we will negotiate with different public sector workers as their agreements come up.  Negotiate in good faith.”

Mr Bacon’s claims that Labor would instead fight for “the best outcome” means that Labor has walked away from its commitment to a two per cent public sector wages policy and will effectively open the flood gates for pay rises for bureaucrats.

That would absolutely smash the budget to pieces.  The State’s finances would drown in a sea of red ink and it would take years to repair the damage, just as it has taken the Hodgman Government years to repair the damage caused by the last Labor-Green Government, of which Mr Bacon was the finance minister.

The budget reply was supposed to be Labor’s economic policy centrepiece.  This morning’s interview on Tasmania Talks shows that instead, Labor’s economic direction statement has blown up in their faces and has become a monument to their inexperience.

It’s no wonder Mr Bacon can’t explain Labor’s financial statement when he clearly doesn’t even understand the policies.  Mr Bacon’s cringe-worthy attempt at explaining the medi-hotel policy to Brian Carlton shows that Labor is just too inexperienced and not up to the job of being in Government.


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