Tasmanian export wine of the year 2018

Accolade Wines’ Eddystone Point Tasmania Pinot Noir 2016, signature wine from producer Bay of Fires, has been announced as the winner of the inaugural Export Wine of Show International Judges Trophy at the 2018 Tasmanian Wine Show Awards held at Josef Chromy Wines near Launceston.

The Tasmanian Government remains committed to showcasing Tasmania’s best products to the world and is a proud supporter of our world-class local producers.

Year-on-year the Tasmanian wine industry continues to grow both in production and in international reputation with wine exports alone bringing in some $3.7 million in sales to the state each year.

Accolade Wines has been recognised for the quality of its Eddystone Point label, made by the Bay of Fires team, and for its success in opening up markets in the United Kingdom.  In addition, this year’s 2018 Tasmanian Wine Show Awards brought together the best of Tasmania’s wine industry and the finest Tasmanian vintages on offer with 19 trophies chosen from 34 gold medals.

Over the past five years vineyard plantings in Tasmania have grown by more than 25 per cent across our 230 working vineyards with more and more local wine going to discerning tables around the globe.

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