Tasmania’s Population Growth Rate Fastest in Six Years

The latest Census information has confirmed Tasmania’s population is growing at its fastest rate in six years.

In original terms, Tasmania’s Estimated Resident Population increased by 753 persons in the December 2016 quarter, bringing our population up to 519,050.

The increased quarterly change saw an additional 226 persons due to new births with overseas migration representing 383 new Tasmanians and an additional 144 from interstate.

We welcome this growth which is a reflection of Tasmania being the best place to work, live and raise and a family.

The Hodgman Liberal Government’s long term Plan has seen Tasmania’s economy grow,  business investment at a high and an unemployment rate lower than most other States. Along with record investments in health, education and other essential services we are providing the right environment for more people to want to call Tasmania home.

The Government’s Population Growth Strategy sets out our Plan to grow Tasmania’s population to 650,000 by 2050. A larger population will have a positive flow on effect for job creation, the economy, and create a strong and diverse community.

We will continue to work hard as a Government to create jobs and deliver a strong economy to make Tasmania the ideal State in which to live.

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