White gaffe reveals she's financially illiterate - can't be trusted with the budget

In a startling interview on LAFM* this morning, Ms White all but confirmed she's effectively financially illiterate and can't be trusted with the budget.

In a major gaffe, Ms White appears not to know the difference between recurrent expenditure and capital expenditure.

When asked how she would pay for her health policy, which includes funding new staff positions, Ms White said she would re-allocate infrastructure expenditure.  

Ms White claims she would pay the wages of thousands of public servants in the health system (recurrent expenditure) with money that the Hodgman Government has committed to build infrastructure (capital expenditure).

It just doesn't work that way.  You can’t re-purpose capital expenditure as recurrent expenditure without it impacting on the budget bottom line.
Already after only four days of campaigning, Labor’s promises would take the budget back into deficit and if this is her plan to fund health, then she’s going to make a bad situation even worse.

It's a pretty basic concept and the idea of trusting the State's $5.9 billion budget to someone who doesn't understand that is quite frankly frightening.

This isn’t the first time Ms White has confused capital and recurrent - last year she wrongly claimed that capital funding for the Royal Hobart Hospital was part of our record recurrent health expenditure.

It's little wonder Labor and the Greens tanked the budget and plunged the State into recession when they can't even get the basics right.

There's a very stark choice at the election - a majority Hodgman Liberal Government that has balanced the budget, created jobs and invested more in frontline services, or a Labor-Green minority Government, with a leader that's financially illiterate.




* "We’ve made it very clear that our number one priority is health.  The Liberals you would have remembered, announced a $340 million investment into the prison service. We’re not going to match that.  There you go there’s $340 million straight up…"

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