Willie or won’t he say what Labor’s policy on pokies is?

Elwick MLC, Josh Willie, needs to state once and for all what Labor’s policy on pokies is.

Mr Willie is on the record saying that pokies were “not a strong issue”* in his electorate, which is based in the northern part of Denison.  The comments are in direct contradiction to recent comments from Labor’s Denison candidate Tim Cox and sitting Labor MP for Denison, Madeleine Ogilvie.

Does Mr Willie stand by his comments, or does Mr Willie support the recent statements of Mrs Ogilvie and Mr Cox?

Labor leader Rebecca White has gone into hiding on the issue and refuses to say what Labor’s policy is, so it’s up to Mr Willie to clear this up once and for all and explain Labor’s policy on pokies.

* http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-11/poker-machines-not-important-issue-voters-elwick-mlc-says/7404468

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